The maintenance process encompasses all activities which keep the machinery in operation order. Maintenance capability refers to the ability of repairing work assets in case of their malfunction.

We are also specialized in improving machine tools or changing their functions.

Work performed over the machine tools in order to maintain them productive and operating include:

  • Repair of unexpected malfunctions,
  • Preventive examinations, cleaning and lubrication,
  • Finding and eliminating weak points,
  • Planned repairs (small, medium and large)

Construction locksmithing includes the production of:

  • various types of metal fences,
  • substructure for Alucobond facades,
  • substructures for mounting fa├žade panels,
  • roof constructions,
  • substructure on loggias, etc.

Positions on the buildings are made precisely according to the schemes of the main project, and the products which we install are made of high quality and certified materials.

Steel is a modern and timely material, material of unlimited possibilities. Due to its universal applicability it can be used in a variety of ways. It has some exceptional technical and functional features that make it very popular with architects and investors. It is suitable for both representative and industrial construction.

Lower cost of construction in comparison to other technologies, the speed and the simplicity of constructing steel mounting halls are a great advantage, because the components of the steel structure are all made and assembled on site.

Low cost of maintenance, exceptional stability, safety and persistence of materials, thermoinsulating properties, are only one part of the benefits of assembly halls made of steel structures in comparison to other forms of construction.

The speed and simplicity of constructing steel mounting halls is a big advantage.

Construction-craft works include:

  • construction of family houses
  • adaptation
  • reconstruction and extension
  • landscaping